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Mediation Australia’s Chatswood office 821 Pacific Highway provides a convenient location for clients.


Mediation services provided include


  • Small, medium and corporate business mediation
  • Family mediators
  • Government, federal, state and local council
  • Cross border mediation through our interstate offices so that the costs of travelling are saved
  • Facilitation
  • Advocacy


Chatswood Office – phone 1300 267 267



Mediation Australia
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Consultations are by ...
Prior Appointment only


Initital email enquiries:



Mediation Australia Head Office

You are most welcome to contact our Head Office if you have any questions or comments about our services.

Phone: 08 8379 2910 / 0409 837837
email: info@mediationaustralia.net.au
Postal Address:
Mediation Australia,
Level 2, 229 Greenhill Road Dulwich
South Australia 5065

  • your queries answered at no charge
  • It is a pleasure for our expert mediators to explain our mediation services to you.
  • Then, when you are ready, you can obtain an appointment to see us.
  • After hours service if required

Our consultations are held by pre-arrangements only at our offices


Mediation Australia
Incorporating “Alternative Dispute Resolutions”
          08 8379 2910

Consultations (by appointment only) at any one of the many Mediation Australia offices across Australian states and territories. You are welcome to call your nearest Mediation Australia office for obligation free advice about how you can use mediation to resolve your matter. Copyright Mediation Australia 2013